Sunday, December 11, 2016

Is the Government meeting their overall Goals?

Monday Morning Contracting Tips

by Dannie E. James Sr
JE Group LLC
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Often you will see that the Government do well meeting their Overall Goals but many agencies are not meeting the goals set within their individual agency’s goals.   

SBA utilizes the agency information reflected on the Small Business Goaling Report to prepare its annual Small Business Procurement Scorecard for the federal agencies. The annual Small Business Goaling Report is generated by taking a snap-shot of data from the Federal Procurement Data System Next Generation (FPDS-NG) on a certain date. FPDS-NG is a dynamic database, and agencies can change historical information if the details of a contract have changed. Often times DOD contracts data is delayed by 90 days to protect operations tempo.

Eligible Dollars, as stipulated in the Small Business Act, are the total value of all prime contract awards made in a fiscal year minus any awards that are covered under exclusions.

2015 Small Business, Small Disadvantage Business (8)a, Women Owned, Service Disable Veteran Owned and HUBZone Businesses are all Goal Categories listed below. Overall the government did well across the government, HUBZone goals continue to be a challenge for the government to meet.   

Government Wide - Overall Goals and Actual
Goal Category
Eligible Dollars
Actual Dollars
Goals %
Actual %
Small Business
Small Disadvantage Business
Women Owned
Service Disabled Veteran Owned
Certified HUBZone

All The Best 

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Understanding Global Systemically Important Bank Holding Companies (G-SIBs)

by C. Henry Adams

While reading a press release dated December 9th 2016 released at 12:00 pm EST - from the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, whereas, it stated the following:

"The Federal Reserve Board on Friday, December 9th 2016 announced the approval of technical amendments to its rule that identifies global systemically important bank holding companies (GSIBs) and requires those firms to hold additional amounts of risk-based capital to avoid restrictions on capital distributions and discretionary bonus payments.".

We were curious to know how many  (GSIBs) Global Systemically Important Bank Holding Companies exist in the World today, so, we researched that information to gain insight.

We learned there were at least (34) thirty-four of these types of bank holding companies in the World as we know it today. 

Please see the list below:

1) Mizuho FG     320 Park Avenue, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10022, USA Tel. (1)212-209-9300.
2) Sumitomo Mitsui    277 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10172, U.S.A.. Phone. (1)212-224-4000. Facsimile. 1- (212) 593-9522
3) Mitsubishi UFJ FG    1221 Avenue of the Americas, 6th Floor, New York, NY
5) ICBC    202 Canal Street, New York City, NY 10013
6) Agricultural Bank of China     277 Park Ave, 30th Floor, New York, NY, 10172. Telephone: (1)212-888-8998.

7) China Construction Bank      1095 Avenue of the Americas, 33rd Floor New York, NY 10036
8) Dexia Group    445 Park Ave #500, New York, NY 10022

9) BNP Paribas (Bank of the West)   118 Elm St Spooner, WI 54801  (1)715-635-2161

10) Crédit Agricole    1301 Avenue of the Americas, NY 10019, New York  (1)212-261-7000

11) Banque Populaire CE   ( No address found in the USA )

12) Société Générale    1221 AVENUE OF THE AMERICAS, 10020 NEW YORK

13) Commerzbank      225 Liberty Street New York, NY 10281-1050. USA. Telephone. (1)212-266-7200.

14) Deutsche Bank    60 Wall Street. New York, NY, USA. Telephone:  (1)212-250-2500.

15) Unicredit Group   150 East 42 Street 29th and 32nd Floors New York, NY10017 Tel: (1)212-672-6000

16) ING Bank      1133 Avenue of the Americas  New York, NY 10036

17) Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria    1345 6th Ave, New York, NY 10105

18) Santander    75 State Street Boston, Massachusetts 02109 USA

19) Nordea  1211 Avenue of the Americas 23rd Floor New York, NY 10036 United States  (1)212-318-9300

20) Credit Suisse  11 Madison Avenue 24th Floor New York, NY 10010 United States  (1)212-325-2000

21) UBS      1285 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019  (1)212-713-2000

22) Royal Bank of Scotland    1285 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019   (1)212-713-2000

23) Barclays  745 Seventh AvenueNew York, NY 10019  Phone: (1)212-526-7000

24) HSBC   452 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10018 Tel: (1)212-525-5000

25) Lloyds Banking Group  1095 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10036 34th Floor Tel: (1)212-450-0800

26) Standard Chartered   1095 Avenue of the Americas  New York, NY 10036 USA Tel: (1)212-667-0700

Note: Out of the 34 Global Bank Holding Companies, (8) eight are United States based companies.
An Asterisk ( " * "  ) has been placed by the eight US Organizations seen below these statements.
There are (25) twenty-five Foreign-based Companies of the 34 G-SIBs ( Global Bank Holding Companies  ) observed that have address in the United States of America.

 (  We are confident the remaining bank holding companies mentioned below have address in the United States of America.  So, we did not bother to identify them in relationship to the Federal Reserve System Press Release mentioned above. )

27) Bank of America *
28) Bank of New York Mellon *
29) Citigroup *
30) Goldman Sachs *
31) JP Morgan Chase *
32) Morgan Stanley *
33) State Street *
34) Wells Fargo *

Now, before we continue, according to the National Information Center, a bank holding company is ; "A company that owns and/or controls one or more U.S. banks or one that owns, or has controlling interest in, one or more banks. A bank holding company may also own another bank holding company, which in turn owns or controls a bank; the company at the top of the ownership chain is called the top holder. The Board of Governors is responsible for regulating and supervising bank holding companies, even if the bank owned by the holding company is under the primary supervision of a different federal agency (OCC or FDIC)"

It is true that possessing knowledge is power, perhaps,  the proper way to utilize that ability to act requires common sense.  Thus, the following questions come to mind:

1)  As a US Small Business Owner or Individual, are we allowed to invest in all (34) thirty-four Global Bank Holding Companies mentioned above in some way, form or fashion?  Could this investment be in a small or large amount of funds?

2)  Do all (34) thirty-four Global Bank Holding Companies have offices in the United States of America?

3)  What Organizations out of the (34) thirty-four Global Bank Holding Companies mentioned above are regulated by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System in the United States?

Well, these are our thoughts, what say you?   Thanks for reading our blogs!    1(404)348-8319

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Monday Morning Contracting Tips

by Dannie E. James Sr
JE Group LLC
Phone: 404-557-0027

How teaming relationships are defined and treated by the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), Small Business Administration (SBA) and Defense Contracting Audit Agency (DCAA) for their purposes, as well as an in-depth discussion of the circumstances in which teaming arrangements can compete for government contracts and the requirements teaming arrangements must meet before receiving contracts.  

For many procurements, the formation of a teaming relationship by two or more contractors is the only feasible means by which the U.S. Federal Government can obtain the required supplies or services. Similarly, in many instances, forming a teaming arrangement is the only way some contractors can compete for a procurement. This is particular true for small businesses. Many small businesses are attempting to team with large business and used the large business GSA Schedule. This is only possible if both companies are in possession of a GSA Schedule.   

How does General Service Administration (GSA) views teaming?
Contractor Team Arrangements
Under a Contractor Team Arrangement (CTA), two or more GSA Schedule contractors work together to meet ordering activity needs. By complementing each other's capabilities, the team offers a total solution to the ordering activity's requirement, providing a win-win situation for all parties. This is the only way two or more companies can team together on a GSA opportunity.

All The Best

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Breast Cancer Awareness In Atlanta, Ga

by C. Henry Adams

Did you know that Breast Cancer is the most common cancer that Women of the United States could possibly get, after skin cancer?

Well, I did not know until one of my Business Mentors whom I conduct commerce with - "tricked me" (LOL) or I should I say inadvertently invited me to attend a Breast Cancer Event at the Historical  M. W. Prince Hall Grand Lodge East located on Auburn Ave. in Atlanta, Georgia; while the Atlanta Falcons, played the San Diego Chargers at the Georgia Dome on Sunday, October 23rd 2016.

To my surprise, it truly was a honor to hear Retired US Army Sgt. Major Tunya Bails give her account of how she overcame breast cancer. In fact, she received a standing ovation from the audience which consist mostly of Women.  As a male, I truly learn a lot from Sgt. Major Bails shared testimony.  I feel she is a Lady that is blessed and is a blessing to others.

She encourage the audience to do their research on any illness diagnosed.  She also encourage everyone to keep the faith, stay positive and surround themselves with people who truly are willing to give of himself or herself through actions, as opposed to words during such an illness.  She mentioned being told that she should have died in one instant of her lecture.  She mentioned how she planned her funeral, but it was obvious that this Beautiful Lady had a Strong Will and desire to Live.  She also had Family and Friends in her life to encourage her...

After hearing this Great Breast Cancer Survivor (Retired Sgt. Tunya Bails) and the reading of poetry; I sorta slipped out the Lodge to catch the Falcons & Chargers game.  I wish I had stayed.  (LOL) But, I thank the Atlanta Falcons and San Diego Chargers for supporting the Fight Against Breast Cancer and I gained more understanding of how important it is to help defeat the battle against Cancer overall. Well, these are my thoughts, what say you? Thanks for reading our blogs!

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Monday, October 17, 2016

The Success to Responding to a Request for Proposal (RFP) is understanding what’s in the RFP.

Monday Morning Contracting Tips


Dannie E. James Sr
JE Group LLC
Phone: 404-557-0027

Regardless of the complexity, the solicitation package normally provides the following information:

·        Statement of Work (SOW)
·        Contract type and method
·        Terms and Conditions
·        Evaluating procedures
·        Instructions for preparing and submitting proposals 
           ·        Other relevant information

The SOW is likely the single most important document in the solicitation package. The SOW is the document that describes the goods or services required in sufficient detail to provide potential offerors with a complete understanding of the requirement.

Generally, there are three basic types of SOWs:
·        Design
·        Performance
·        Functional

The differences among them relate to the degree to which the requirement is defined and explained, from specific to general. Each type of SOW has its own advantages and disadvantages, and SOWs often reflect elements of all three basic types in order to completely describe the requirement.

SOWs rarely fall neatly into one of these three types. Most SOWs reflect characteristics of at least two, if not all three SOW types in order to adequately describe the requirement.   

All The Best!


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Is It Sunset 2016 for Frederick Douglass High School In Atlanta, Georgia?

by C. Henry Adams

Seriously, is it the 'Sunset'  for Frederick Douglass High School in Atlanta, Georgia as a result of the State of Georgia OSD or Opportunity Schools District concept possibly becoming law of the land?  In my lifetime, I recall driving by where once stood Collier Heights Elementary School and to my shock, it no longer exist in its original form.  Click here to download the PDF regarding current reports of OSD Eligible Schools in the State of Georgia via County from the year 2013 up to 2015:

I grew up in the historical (4) four Quadrant area of the Community of Collier Heights in Atlanta, Ga, whereas, my home was located in Quadrant 2 of the now diminished Collier Heights Community; a lot of shocking changes have now occurred.

For those of you reading this blog and scratching your forehead attempting to figure out what it is that I'm speaking of when I state, " Sunset "; I'm simply referring to the end of an institution of learning.

As an Alumni of Frederick Douglass High School, I can not sat here and state that I or others did not see the possibility of this occurrence, because that statement would not be true.

Furthermore, as of May 3rd 2016, Atlanta Public Schools reported in a News Release that only 7 of 26 schools on the OSD or opportunity schools district list escaped that fate here:

Unfortunately, Frederick Douglass High School was not one of the (7) seven schools listed.

So, you might ask, what is the big deal?

To answer your question, I would simply state that CCRPI is the big deal.

CCRPI stands for College and Career Ready Performance Index.  Basically, it is a comprehensive school improvement, accountability, and communication platform for all educational stakeholders that will promote college and career readiness for all State of Georgia public school students.

Unfortunately, it is the belief of individuals in the State of Georgia that because this High School is located in a mostly lower income Community, whereas, the 'mental mindset' there does not appear to have the ability to help educate the young people to become prepared for College or even working as Skilled Trade; they will likely not excel well in life as they move forward.

Any public school, whether it be Elementary, Middle or High School in the State of Georgia that has an overall score below 60 is in danger of being taken over by the State of Georgia Government.

According to Georgia's Education Standard Index (CCRPI), Frederick Douglass High has not improved within the last (3) three years regarding testing overall.

Furthermore, on August 12th 2015, Atlanta Public Schools - Dr. Meria Carstarphen wrote in a blog the efforts to be made in attempt to save the 26 schools from the take over.  By the way, she mentioned hiring Erin Hames, one of the individuals who crafted the OSD for the State of Georgia Government.

But, recent speculation of Atlanta Public Schools Management regarding the 26 Failing Schools it possess, indicates those particular Schools who continue to under perform would likely be shut down or closed.

Thus, Frederick Douglass High School, a once magnet school and school of excellence current situation.

So, what other plans should be considered for Frederick Douglass High School?

Perhaps the following:

1)  Frederick Douglass High School could become Frederick Douglass Charted High School assisted by Alumni.

2)  Frederick Douglass High School could become the New Morris Brown College Campus.


3) Frederick Douglass High School and Morris Brown College could merge together forming a unique and professional bond to help change the mindsets of the poverty stricken individuals in Atlanta, Georgia.

Well, its just a thought.  So, what say you?  Thanks for reading our blogs!

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Understanding Risk As It Relates To Business, Family and Relationships

by C. Henry Adams

Today is Sunday, Oct. 2nd 2016 and I decided to write this blog in the middle of watching the Atlanta Falcons play the Carolina Panthers at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia.

To some who are fans of either NFL Football Team, this act would appear a bit disturbing; when perhaps in their minds, I should be watching the game.  Well, believe it or not, I would have to concur with those particular Fans of either Team.   Why?  Well, for me NFL Football is a favorite past-time of mine during this season.

However, I'm going to do or say something that from a business outlook and standpoint, I would normally advise not to do.  That would be related to getting personal.  A risk is defined as being exposed to danger, harm or loss. Note: Risks are not always avoidable.  Hopefully, from my personal example of a risk, others could learn a valuable lesson directly or indirectly.

As an African American Male period, it is not always effortless in operating a business. Whether you are Man or Woman of any Race, Creed or National Origin- your journey in running a business is not always easy neither; please allow me to voice that thought more clearly.

No Human Being that I happen to know of on this Earth is perfect, which includes me, myself and I.   But,  to be successful in any and every endeavor in life, you must except failure as a reality.

Today, I failed to make a particular woman that I had genuine interest in smile.  I failed to comprehend her, read between the lines and now it is time for me to move forward and onward.

The question you might ask is...   C. Henry, why are you sharing this personal information on your business related blog?  ( Disclaimer: My answer is not pertaining to my personal relationship:)   Believe it or not, building a great business relationship with a client starts with you (the person).   Nevertheless, if failure occur when in an attempt to accomplish a goal in mind; accept it and , learn from it.  Then, forgive the situation or person, forgive yourself and move forward.

There are always indicators of failure when you take steps that are risky period.   Whether you thought it thoroughly out,  gathered all the intelligence to make the right moves, avoid the pitfalls and toke the right steps;  something could still go wrong.

A personal, family or business relationship could all have similar functions in development, as well as, risk.

Think about that for a moment while I catch up on the Falcons vs. Panthers NFL Football Game.  By the way, its the 3rd Quarter with 4:57 left in time on the clock.  Falcons 31, Panthers 10.

To understand risks taken, consider building your strengths when developing your business.

Recently, Gallup Polls posted Strengths-Based Development: Leadership's Role information.   According to the polls, business that utilize Strengths-Based Development, profits increase 29%.

So, what is Strengths-Based Development? Strengths-Based Development is perhaps increasing your strengths or tasks that you perform well.   I would suggest that you utilize this process to overcome obstacles or failures due to risk taken to eventually accomplish a particular goal in business.    Basically, do not dwell on despair as a result of a particular risk that end in failure, instead, continue to move forward.

Oh, by the way, the Atlanta Falcons beat the Carolina Panthers, 48 to 33.   Well, those are my thoughts. What say you?  Thanks for reading our blogs!

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