Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My Opinion Regarding Ebola

by C. Henry Adams
This statement is just my opinion, perhaps I'm wrong or right. Ebola is a deadly virus that is said to kill in about 2 to 21 days. ( Please feel free to correct me, if I'm wrong. ) As an American, I have shown great concern regarding the consequences of someone entering the USA with Ebola. I pray for healing regarding the person or people who suffer with this disease. I extend my condolences to the many families who have lost love-ones as a result of a deadly virus such as Ebola. I also pray that everyone in the sight of my writings take heed to learn more about this and other diseases /or virus (es) to avoid contact with an infected insect ( No allege claims have been made as of yet.) , animal, person or people. Money can not always buy a cure to this disease and other diseases. However, putting God 1st through prayer and utilizing common sense in a Hazmat Situation is a key to me.

Just my thoughts, what are your thoughts regarding this matter at hand?

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

I FINISH 26693rd IN THE 2014 AJC PRR

By C. Henry Adams  (UPDATED)

This particular article is my testimony regarding the accomplishment or milestone I personally made on Friday, July 4th 2014 while running in the 2014 AJC Peachtree Road Race.

If you are an avid runner and you read the title,  " I FINISH 26693rd IN THE 2014 AJC PRR ", perhaps that's not a big deal to you.  But, to me coming off a 10 year hiatus from running in the AJC Peachtree Road Race that was a very big deal.  

A matter of a fact, when I finally made it to the finish line, I looked up and I saw a time of 2 hours : 45  minutes : something seconds (something, meaning I forgot the numbers.  LOL ). 

Then,  I thought to myself, the " Y " Wave ( The last group of Runners to run the 2014 AJC Peachtree Road which included Meb Keflezighi, the Boston Marathon Winner) started or allegedly was to start at 9:05 am EST, whereas, the first group of Runners started at 7: 30 am EST.

This means that I just ran this race in 45 minutes!  (WRONG)

But later, when I checked my time at AJC Peachtree Road Race Unofficial Results web page for 2014 ( ),  I guess that wasn't the case. 

Instead, I ran the race in 1 hour :  9 minutes : 41 seconds while placing at 26,693rd out of 60,000 runners.

Did I feel bad about that placed position?   Heck Naw!

Why?  Well, to start - 10 years ago, I suffered heat exhaustion or perhaps a heat stroke trying to run the 2004 AJC Peachtree Road Race.

The years following that episode in my life revealed other health related issues which eventually lead me to believe that I was on the right track trying to stay healthy as I got older by training and running.

Today, I work hard to keep a positive mental attitude while balancing my life with healthy exercise, dieting and practicing methods of relieving stress.

As a small business owner, it is essential to balance one's life and very important to surround yourself with LIKE MINDS who believe in practicing great health.

I personally want to thank  The Atlanta Track Club  ( ) for the opportunity to run in their event and the magazine that I received in the mail from them was very informative while giving great advice.

I will continue this NEW old hobby that I have been doing since my days in Elementary School over 30 years ago.  LOL  I see clearly now that it is important to maintain some sort of exercise regiment to maintain great health in one's life.

The AJC Peachtree Road Race is a great choice for improving your health when you train for it and discover through it that all your hard work paid off when you cross the 6.2 mile finish line regardless of finishing 1st or last.

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

UPDATE: Kevin Heights Neighborhood Residents File A Complaint Against ATT

by C. Henry Adams

Updated:  May 22nd 2014 2:51 pm EST

As of May 22nd 2014, the Historic Kevin Heights Neighborhood Complaint against AT and T has been resolved.

A little known Historic Duplex which actually sat where Interstate 20 is now located, is the center of discussion. 

It was removed and placed in the Kevin Heights Neighborhood over 50 years ago.

It is the private property ,whereas, the incident has occurred.

A portion of the property is backed by the Georgia Department of Transportation barrier wall overgrown with vegetation, it is near the corner of Tribble Lane and Linkwood Road in Northwest Atlanta.

The Private Owner of the said historic property spoke with AT and T Technicians on site and was told that repairs would be made after the construction period end.  However, this construction period has continue off and on for months.

Atlanta City Councilman C. T. Martin's Office relayed a message to an AT and T contact as well.

An Executive Representative of AT and T receive notice from the Chairman Chuck Eaton's office of District 3 for the Georgia Public Service Commission and immediately contacted a representative of the Kevin Heights Neighborhood to resolve the matter amicably.

As it stands, there is a positive outlook to the end of this story.

Note:  This complaint was sent to the Georgia Public Service Commission, its Chairman Chuck Eaton of District 3 and various others seeking a positive outcome.


It has been observed on several occasions by Neighbors entering the Kevin Heights Neighborhood, to which is a part of the Collier Heights Community in Northwest Atlanta; that tire tracks smear and disfigured the grounds at the entrance.

Therefore, residents made efforts to place "Keep off the Grass" signs at the entrance in hopes of containing further damage to the property.

It appears their efforts were to no avail.

On Tuesday, May 20th 2014,  a resident of the Kevin Heights Neighborhood approach the entrance to the subdivision to discover what appear to be an AT and T Bucket Truck parked on the grass where the entrance sign to the neighborhood is located.

The resident approach the AT and T Technician and a male Georgia POST Off-Duty Policeman of another jurisdiction outside the City of Atlanta guarding the Technician.

He asked the AT and T Technician to remove his truck off the grassy area that display the Neighborhood sign.

The AT and T Technician refused to remove what appears to be a Bucket Truck and the Georgia POST Off-Duty Policeman told the resident that the Technician had a right to park the truck on the lawn and directed the resident to have a "Nice Day" and leave immediately.

Considering the fact that the vehicle or Bucket Truck would not impede traffic on the street, plus if this vehicle is in fact a Bucket Truck, it could extend to reach any utilities without destroying the lawn, the sewer covers seen damaged and entrance to a neighborhood; the AT and T Technician clearly damaged property while reducing the property value of the community.

Nevertheless, on Wednesday, May 21st 2014, the same or similar Bucket Truck with the same Male AT and T Technician was seen on the Bucket Truck parked on the lawn with no regard to the neighborhood.

In fact, approximately 4:00 pm EST it was observed by a resident that the AT and T Technician left wires exposed on the Utility Pole and Lines.

AT and T also has left trash and debris laying on the grounds in and around their construction site.

Furthermore, AT and T has failed to cover a hole that is clearly seen at the construction site.

Furthermore, the communication box where the AT and T Technician often work out of is clearly in disarray and appears open at times after technicians have left the site for the day.

Digital images have been taken and documented regarding this neighborhood with the site in question.  These atrocities have been in due form more than 12 months.

It appears that AT and T does not care about their current customers in Northwest Atlanta.

Please see images attached with this complaint.


Kevin Heights Neighborhood Resident

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Conversation With A Film Maker And US Ambassador

By C. Henry Adams

I have the honor to know a Film Maker/Producer  and a US Ambassador.

Each of the two people that I highly speak of are known for their unique and individual roles in life.   How unique?  So unique that they have made positive impressions on many people's lives of different colors, creeds and national origins like mine for years.

So, with great thought,  I pondered on how I could connect these two people to convince them to tell a story based on true accounts regarding 20,000 or Twenty Thousand Men who help change the course of the US Military (United States Marine Corps) ,as well as, Civilian Life throughout seven (7) decades by giving of themselves to defend the United States during World War II.

Perhaps you heard of theses great men who in June of 2012 receive the Congressional Gold Medal.  My father, the late Marion L. Adams, Sr. was a Montford Point US Marine and receive his certificate posthumously.

As a result of my late father's great works,  I've decided to take action regarding the Montford Point US Marines Story.  So far, it has not been an easy act.  Truth is based on facts.  Providing a historical account of several turn of events requires factual evidence.

In order to tell a great story of these historic events, perhaps it would be wise to gather pertinent information from a person or persons who served during WWII in the USMC (United States Marine Corps).

Well, one of those great men would happen to be a Living Legend of the ' Few and the Proud '; who went on to be appointed a United States Ambassador.

Ambassador (Dr) Theodore Britton, Jr. currently resides in the Atlanta area.   As a Business Man, I've learned that you can never have too many Mentors within your Profession.   Dr. Britton is one of my Professional Mentors to which I hold in high regards.  What makes him stand out the most is... he is highly intelligent, up to date on the latest technologies and a real to life Globe traveling Gentlemen that is spot on time.  LOL

Then, there is the Colleague and highly intelligent Professor, named Rel Dowdell.   Rel, is an Educator,  Film Maker / Producer, who has great business sense. 

The Film Industry is a Billion Dollar Enterprise.  Today, even though you have advanced technology at your finger tips to create incredible film footage, it still takes a lot of money, the right cast and crew;  plus a whole lot of other things behind the scenes  to produce a great movie.

As of May 15th 2014, Rel's Film called, " Changing the Game " will debut , (Thursday, May 15th 2014 ) on BET  at 7pm EST.

Nevertheless, while driving to go and eat some chicken at this place (Chick-Fil-A) on South Cobb Drive in Metro Atlanta.  (( Sorry, no shameless ad here, just like the food and customer service.  LOL))

I got the notion to call up my ole Classmate ( Professor Rel Dowdell ) and two-way him with my Mentor ( Dr. Theodore Britton, Jr.).

Guess what?  It worked;  I was successful in reaching both Gentlemen.

Although the conversation was short and brief, I believe that I've made some sort of connection.

Furthermore,  it turns out the Montford Marines Memorial located in North Carolina near Camp Lejeune needs additional funding to complete it.

If some sort of collaboration was made to use the Copyright of the Montford Point US Marines while creating a film to benefit the Non-profit Organization's Memorial, as well as, others - that would be a beautiful thing.

After reviewing the Bereavement Announcements of the recently deceased Montford Point US Marines, it is realized that time is of an essence.

Many of the these Legends have passed away.  However, for those that are living, this is the time to reach out to the Men, their Wives and Grown Children in order to grasp a piece of the past, whereas, to know whence you come from to clearly know where you are going into the future.

Furthermore, it is also time to call on the Surviving Spouses and Children as well, while educating this Great Nation regarding the legacy and contributions left behind.

So, what are your thoughts?

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Favoring The 300M Plan For The TED

by C. Henry Adams

I would favor Georgia State University and Carter Developers proposed 300 Hundred Million Dollar Plans for Turner Field property , AKA the "TED".

Back on December 1st 2013, I wrote a blog asking how much for Turner Field with the mindset of preserving it.  However, this concept that I recently observed would definitely perform a greater purpose.

It would be sad to see the Atlanta Braves along with the Stadium in its current form go, but on the other hand - it would serve a higher calling for the Students matriculating through the Halls and Buildings of Georgia State University; as well as, it would likely support the surrounding Neighborhoods and Communities where Turner Field is located.

I briefly read the article in the Atlanta Business Chronicle and glance at the Atlanta Journal Constitution  article as well.   Here is a concept booklet found in PDF here.

So, what are your thoughts?

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

GA Procurement Registry is UP

By C. Henry Adams

Updated May 7th 2014 5:10 pm EST

The Georgia Procurement Registry Database is Back Up and Running!  Whew!

The procurement registry helps small to medium sized business do business with Local to County , as well as, State Government.

Thanks IBM, Oracle and DOAS IT !

So, what do you think?


It appears the Georgia Procurement Registry Database is down.  If a Contractor or even an Entity Purchasing Officer tried that solicits " Request for Proposals " (RFP) or " Request for Information " (RFI) to name a few, tried to access the system, they would NOT gain access.

The Georgia Procurement Registry is likely responsible for Millions of Dollars or perhaps Billions of Dollars awarded to Contractors annually related to Government Business.

A recent update to the status of the work performed on the Georgia Procurement Registry is stating NO ETA or estimated time of arrival for a repair.

We are hoping the system mentioned above is repaired soon.

So, what are your thoughts?

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Friday, May 2, 2014


By C. Henry Adams

Dear:  CSX Railroad,

We greatly appreciate you for delivering commodities and  repairing the railroad crossings, however...

It appears to me that in the last (3) three days, there has been no prior notice to the Community that resides around the CSX Railroad line which separates Northwest Atlanta from Southwest Atlanta near Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.

In fact,  Thursday May 1st, 2014,  a call was made to the CSX Railroad Emergency Phone Line a second time in two days at 1-800-232-0144 to hopefully get some sort of answer.

When visiting the Georgia CSX Railroad web site to search for a  Railroad Repair Announcement in the area of Linkwood Road NW and  Westland Blvd NW; there was no information found.

I wonder did any of the neighbors hear of the closure on the Radio, the TV or see any advance notice SIGNS posted days, weeks or months ahead of schedule?   I certainly did not.   But, please correct me if I'm wrong.

BTW, if you were a pedestrian, riding a bicycle, a motorcycle or even a Fire Fighter responding to a call located on the side of the image seen in this blog, don't make the wrong  turn or you would likely have to go a mile to get across the railroad  to Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

Does anyone care about the folks that lives in West Atlanta  (NW & SW)?

Oh, by the way -   we did hear that CSX is reporting the railroad crossings at Linkwood Road NW and  Westland Blvd NW re-open on May 2, 2014.

So, what are your thoughts about our concerns?

C. Henry Adams

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