Saturday, June 27, 2015

Chattahoochee River Country Music Festival (CRCMF) Coming To Carrollton Georgia Near You!

By C. Henry Adams

On a Hot Friday Evening in June of 2015, I had the opportunity to experience the 'Battle of the Bands' in a very nice place called, ' the AMP - Adamson Square ' - located behind the Irish Pub, Bar and Grill in the Heart of Carrollton, Georgia.

Being a Georgian and Eclectic Music Lover, I'm always listening to all kinds of music for a great beat. Well, guess what?! The 'Battle of the Bands' brought to you by the Chattahoochee River Country Music Festival or better known as the CRCMF ...was GREAT.

Also equally GREAT, it was announced that Chattahoochee River Country Music Festival (CRCMF) will be held at the VFW Complex / Fairgrounds in Carrollton, Georgia on July 24th - 26th 2015.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, a decision was made to move the Festival

Nevertheless Folks, the 'Show Must Go On In West Georgia' - if you Love Country Music, here is your chance to catch 20 Country Music Artists in one place.

Don't go to Foxhall Sporting Clubs and Resort for the CRCMF, instead drive down Georgia State Route 61 to the VFW Complex / Fairgrounds located in Carrollton Georgia.   That's right Folks, Carrol County Georgia will be the new venue location for the CRCMF or Chattahoochee River Country Music Festival from July 24th -26th 2015.

I can hear somebody say,  " Will there be Camping arrangements? "  My reply:  CRCMF confirmed that Camping will be made available.

Perhaps someone else would say, " OK, so they moved the Venue.  How much will it cost to enter the Country Music Festival? "

My reply: CRCMF is now stating Admission is FREE.

Somebody said, " Say What!? "

My reply:  CRCMF will grant free admission.

For more information, goto :

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Refusing The Negativity

by C. Henry Adams

I hope all is well , this I pray. From the perspective of a Man of God, a Christian, a Veteran, a Small Business Owner and finally - last but certainly not least - an American of African descent; I'm sadden by what I see in Baltimore, Maryland.

I'm equally sadden by the mere fact that Police Brutality is more prevalent due to digital cameras, social media and the promotion of hate.

Like you, I'm entitled to feel a certain way , but I have decided to refuse the negativity.

I can only wish you would refuse it too...

I think that we are letting the devil get into us like he has gotten into so many Americans of all Races due to the negativity viewed and heard on Mainstream Media.

I have personally decided to place myself and thoughts in a positive light.

I know things are not quite right in our Country, but still I move forward in a positive way.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Becoming A Master Of Your Mind

By C. Henry Adams

Disclosure:  The unusual , but not uncommon steps mentioned below are meant to encourage positive thinking only.

Steps Using ' (3) Three What(s) and (1) One How':

1) What you 'think', is important.

e.g.  Making a rational decision about something or a subject.

2) What you plan after thinking about it, is even more significant. 

3) What you achieve whether it be LARGE or small after thinking, planning and implementing the set of actions is even of greater importance.

4) How you evolve from that thought and arrangement to which became a venture , thus including experience in success or failure, tells it all.

Sound crazy, think again.   So, what are your thoughts?

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Addressing Failing Schools In Atlanta, Georgia To Find A Solution

by C. Henry Adams

On April 14th 2015, I had the opportunity to sat in the Collier Heights Community Association Meeting held at Berean Seventh Day Adventist Church located on H. E Holmes Drive or what eventually becomes Georgia State Route 280 in Atlanta, Georgia.

There I heard Georgia State Representative Sheila Jones present the State Bills that passed in the State of Georgia House of Representatives and Senate.

One bill that stood out in the Community to which I live and thrive is SB133 or 2015-2016 Regular Session - SB 133 Opportunity School District; establishment; provide for definitions; supervision of public elementary and secondary schools that are failing

Furthermore, on that very day, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Jerry Baxter gave out some serious sentences to convicted Educators of the Atlanta Public Schools. 

Oglethorpe University President Lawrence M. Schall, recently gave a pretty fair assessment of these sad state of affairs in an opinion article written in the AJC.

Both, the Georgia Bill SB133 and the conviction of Former Atlanta Public Schools Educators will likely not solve the problem of failing schools particularly in Atlanta, Georgia.

If failing Schools equal failing Children in learning, retaining and advancing in Life as a whole, what are we as a Community not doing as a whole?

When a similar question was posed to State of Georgia House of Representative Shelia Jones, she stated that the Community needs to get involve with the schools.  

I concur with State of Georgia House of Representative Shelia Jones and all the concern Citizens at that Meeting.  WE as a Community need to get involve with the schools in our Community.

So, what might be some of the ways we could help?

Perhaps as Responsible Citizens go to the school to offer assistance through various programs such as the following:

1) Offer Tutoring to Students via the Schools
2) Offer Tutoring to Students via Non-Profit Organizations, as well as, Churches, Synagogues and Mosque
3) Offer Leadership & Responsibility Workshops, Programs and Events ( Article, Video ) to Students.
4) Offer Mentor-ship to Students via the Schools, Communities & Neighborhoods
5) Help broaden the horizon of a Child by sponsoring Community or Neighborhood events that take the Kids to places never explored or realized nearby.

Perhaps I'm a dreamer, but here are some solutions mentioned above that could help further the advancements in education.  So, what are your thoughts, what do you think?

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Can Instilling Responsibility In Our Youth Revive An Economy?

by C. Henry Adams

Recently, the historical neighborhood to which I had the honor and blessing to grow up in devise an Exploratory Clean Up and Bike Ride for the Youth living there.

This event was not a method worked out to humiliate, harass, disrespect or put down anyone.  In fact, it was design to perform the opposite.  It was to motivate, encourage, show great respect and admiration to the Youth, as well as, their Parents or Guardians in an effort to revive the Community.

If people care for others, as well as, themselves - perhaps they could live or co-exist peacefully.
So, let's take that thought further.  Living and prospering in a safe environment could possibly reduce stress in a person and promote healthy living.

What if giving back to your own environment in a positive manner, revive the economy in the area to which you live?

Its just a thought, but I would hope we all enjoy beautiful scenery.  Many healthy people have found a number of ways to relieve stress.  Exercise alone with proper dieting or in other words eating a balance meal could help.

But, that is not enough.   Positive Self-esteem of oneself and good mental health practices also play a role as well to say the least.  I can hear someone say,  " What on Earth could possibly give me positive self-esteem and good mental health? 

Well, what if just being happy or placing oneself in a state or enviroment to becoming "Happy", promotes positive self-esteem and good mental health practices?

I recall a few years back, a famous attorney was having a business discussion with me and stated,
" If it is in your power to perform a task, do it. "

In essence, let's say you are walking in the front yard of your home. Then, you come across some paper on the ground.  Well, observing the paper and making a conscious effort to pickup that paper, then dispose of it in the proper trash or recycle bin, perhaps, just made you change or maintain a healthy environment not just for yourself, but others as well.

I can imagine someone, somewhere saying to themselves, it is not that simple.

However, I beg to differ.   Why?  Well, here are the following things you likely change in your environment, neighborhood, community and perhaps your city to which you live.

Perhaps, One Positive Act Of Selflessness Can Do The Following:

1) Improve One's Health
2) Improve One's Self Esteem and outlook on Life
3) Improve the Environment by removing waste and possible toxicities.
4) Improve the 'Economic Outlook' by attracting Consumers, Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations to the area who possess similar mindsets as yourself.
5) Motivate others to follow suit living in this positive developing or re-developing area.
6) Lower the crime rate.
7) Reduce the blight or the sense thereof.
8) Display to visitor of your Neighborhood, Community or even City that People who dwell within it truly care.

Alright, I will stop here.  But, what do you think or what are your thoughts?

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Monday, March 30, 2015

Kevin Heights Neighborhood Exploratory Beltline Ride / CleanUp

By C. Henry Adams

Following the March 2015 Atlanta NPU-I Meeting at Adamsville Recreational Center located off MLK Jr. Drive, the focus of attention in the Kevin Heights Neighborhood was building responsibility within the Youth living there and perhaps the Community as a whole.  Being responsible for one's actions in Life could lead to creating a Good Value System in a person.  Possessing a Value System in Life, perhaps could suggest that you care for others, as well as, yourself.  Thus, Good Ethics plays a role in this proverbial picture.

Therefore, the idea to give kids bicycles (limited supply, on a first come, first serve basis) while training them to be responsible in the neighborhood could help to keep the area clean.  Studies have suggest that if a Community practice Good Policing, it could possibly lower or resolve issues that cause crime.

Recently, a Non-Profit Organization called, " Urban Creek Conservation and Recreation Corps
" received a donation of bicycles from a private donor.

The President of " Urban Creek Conservation and Recreation Corps " happens to be a recently Retired School Teacher and the President of the Kevin Heights Neighborhood Association.

Through his collaboration with Homeowners, Small Business Owners and City Leaders, the " Kevin Heights Neighborhood Exploratory Beltline Ride / CleanUp was established

The event will be held on Saturday, April 11th 2015 starting at 9:30 am and ending promptly at 5:30 pm.

An Agenda set forth for the event suggests the clean up of the Neighborhood Streets (parts of Linkwood Rd, Tribble Lane, Hermer Circle and Kevin Court), a trip to Historic 4th Ward of the City of Atlanta where the bike ride will start, then culminate into a 'Spring Break Picnic' in Piedmont Park.

Click link to download Agenda:

Kevin Heights Neighborhood is asking for Sponsorships and Volunteers from Local Small Business Owners, Non-Profit Organizations, as well as, Homeowners / or Tenants. We will need Reflective Vests, Gloves, Trash Grabbers, 50+ gallon trash bags, Picnic Utensils, Food, Beverages (Mostly Water) to say the very least.

Note: For more information regarding Sponsorship and Volunteering,  please call 404-502-2876 James Tyler or 404-348-8319 C. Henry Adams.

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Stop The Gun Violence In West (NW/SW) Atlanta - Multiple Shootings In Delmar Lane Area

by C. Henry Adams

Today, March 14th 2015, five (5) People were shot in the Delmar Lane Area.  Enough is enough, we want to live in a peaceful environment.  Hearing constant gun fire, having Children experience and grow up in this Community ( Collier Heights / Adamsville ) where there are people being shot is not the answer.  

We need to call a meeting with City Councilman CT Martin, the APD Chief, Zone 1 Major, NPU I Leader,   all Neighborhood Leaders, all Homeowners and Renters fed up with this violence.  We must stay together to stop this criminal activity or we will surely be divided when People of a Criminal Nature tear us apart.

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